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I am quite a greenhorn as a blogger.

Opps. No. Very much a greenhorn. Having started this just a little over 2 months ago makes me look like what... like a baby lost, crawling frenziedly, aimlessly amidst giant adults going their way in this blogging world, or blogosphere, or whatever new term they call it.

And I as try to tread the long, difficult path to blogging perfection (which I admit will be a long, long journey) - it is but natural that I try to go out and establish friendship with fellow bloggers.

And so I met a wonderful blogger in the person of Barbara Diskin and her equally wonderful site Looking2Live. For some time, temporary home to her was Israel. And it is only recently that she left and returned to the United States. She wrote (and still writes) about Israel in her site - a major staple I can say. And indeed she dishes out wonderful pieces about it - to my delight.

Blogging offers everyone this unique avenue to create friendship.

It is just right that we take advantage of it.


Barbara said…
WOW! Thanks for the mention. It is so cool to see Israel in my site counter these days. We have something called DC Blogs here that includes hundreds of Blogs in the Washington, DC, area. Do you know if there is anything like that in Israel? You may not have figured it out, but I was in Israel for only 10 days recently. It was my 4th trip, but definitely not my last.

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