Cleaning Event in Israel

I got some pictures (one is posted on the right) from the embassy of the community service rendered few weeks ago by some of my fellow Filipinos who are working mostly as caregivers here in Tel Aviv, at Herzliyya and all around Israel.

It was sort of a voluntary community cleaning event which was overseen by the Ambassador himself, along with other Ph embassy officers and staff. "Armed" with brooms, everyone in the group took part in cleaning the area of Neve Shanan or the Old Tachana, a busy shopping district in Israel.

Israelis in the area and those passing by were surpised by the sight. But most have only comments of praise and admiration - "Yofi" and "God Bless You" - for the effort that they witnessed.

Truly, this "bayanihan" virtue of the Filipinos is one thing that I can be proud of. (Bayanihan is a Pilipino word referring to the spirit of unity or oneness of a group to achieve a particular goal)


Barbara said…
Good for you! This makes me want to be back in Israel.
Yael K said…
Yofi indeed! And maybe these very laudable efforts will spark some of the natives to be a bit more green themselves (we can only hope!)

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