Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

It was The Holocaust Remembrance Day yesterday. I became aware of it because many channels at Yes Cable did not have regular programming yesterday. Instead they had "Holocaust Remembrance" posted in the list of program schedule. I think this is because during Yom HaShoah (Hebrew term for Holocaust Remembrance Day), establishments especially those for entertainment are supposed to be closed.

What I also know is that in the morning throughout Israel, sirens are to be heard for a couple of minutes. And at this time everyone would stop on what they are doing and keep silent, and all cars, buses and vehicles that travel around israel would likewise have to stop during this time.

The Holocaust Remembrance Day is held yearly to remember the millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust.

I believe that this Day is not only intended for every Israelis to remember the sufferings and persecution of the Jews during the Nazi Period, but also for Israelis to continiously learn and draw strength from this horrific chapter of the Jewish history.


Barbara said…
The Holocaust still hangs heavy over the Israeli people. Have you visited Yad Vashem?
Ernest-jr said…
no i haven't barbara.. hopefully soon i would be able to visit it.
Rainbow River said…
There is a riveting YouTube vidyo from this year's commemoration:


Is the "Open Doors" memorial up?


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