Israel From Space

Can you distinguish Israel from this photograph of a mass of earth land? This is just one of the thousands of NASA photographs taken in all of the US manned space programs.

The photo's title: Eastern Mediterranean as seen from Gemini 7 spacecraft

Description: The eastern Mediterranean area is photographed by Astronaut Frank Borman and James A. Lovell during the Gemini 7 mission. The Nile Delta in Egypt is at bottom. The Suez Canal, Gulf of Suez, and Red Sea are in center of photograph. Sinai Peninsula is in upper right corner of photograph. Body of water at top edge of photograph is Gulf of Aqaba. The Dead Sea can be seen in top center of picture. Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Syria are also at top center. The Island of Cyprus is at extreme left.

Pictures of the earth taken from space fascinates me so much - and always puts me to thinking and wondering. How come when we look at situations, events or just about everything here on the ground, near and around us - all seems so complicated. And whenever I look at pictures like this, of earth from afar, from space - in its entirety, you see not much going on. All you see is our good old planet as its one whole self, devoid of regions, of boundaries and countries.

The description lumps Israel with Palestine and other Arab countries. Well, I can't distinguish much. Even if it says such country is on this side and the other country is on that side. The picture makes me want to say that it doesn't matter. What I see is one big land lump.

People and races created boundaries to form territories. Which I believe is not wrong. What is wrong is to fight and wage war over these territories. Like I said, what is there in the first place is one big land lump.

Source of photo and description: NASA / JSC Digital Image Collection


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