Israel's Call Centers

English speakers required for a Call Center in Tel Aviv.

This and similar other lines are being run on a number of advertisements in one of Israel's leading broadsheet.

It is surprising to realize that Israel has lively, competitive call center industry, a fact that I was not aware of when I was still in Manila. And Israel's call center companies are targeting those that have made aliyah and imigrated from the US to take on this call center seats.

Asia's India and the Philippines are the countries to beat when it comes to call center industry, fighting over the title "Asia's call center hub." Investments on call centers just keep pouring in on these two countries, mostly coming from the United States, taking advantage of their young, intelligent, english-speaking and very cheap manpower.

Now I believe it would not be long before Israel gives them a damn good fight for the place at the top.


Ruvym said…
Personally, I want Israel to be the kind of country that has to much business, and such high earning citizens, that they have to outsource jobs. I know, I know, outsourcing is not necessarily the sign of "success." But I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just want them to be a top world economy. I guess we might need peace before that happens.
Barbara said…
I am really interested in the concept of call centers after reading Thomas Friedman's book "The World Is Flat." I highly recommend it as a means of understanding how doing ordinary business in the world is changing. I think the call center industry is a great idea for English speakers in Israel.

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