The Lent

The Christian world observes this sorrowful day, Good Friday, when Christ made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Holy Week in the Philippines is a time of reflection, of sacrifice, and of abstinence and fast.

Always, like any other typical Filipino family, we all gather like sort of a reunion during the Holy Week and while not strictly observing some traditions like fasting, are still reflecting on the meaning of the Lenten Season, which is to understand and appreciate Christ's sacrifice and death.

This is the first time I will be observing the Lent away from the family, so I guess I am making some real personal sacrifices of my own. Being separated from your loved ones, your home and comfort zone, albeit only for the meantime can put you in some significant degree of difficulty and anxiety. Sadness and the feeling of longingness for familiar faces is overwhelming. Usually, what I do is just try not to dwell on my situation and just immerse myself on work, which is mainly the reason why I went away to Israel. In fact, I think of me as being petty for making unnecessary fuss about such worries. In the end, I just laugh off my silliness.

Still, it cannot be discounted as a personal sacrifice. This Lenten Season, I claim it as such - and I offer it to the Lord.


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