Tour of Jerusalem - One More Time

I woke up early today because I have to prepare for a tour of Jerusalem with some friends from the Philippine Community. Such a fine morning here in Tel Aviv Jaffa.

This actually will be my second time to go to Jerusalem - the first was last month when we checked on the Tower of David. I was not able to immediately write something about this as I have yet to have the negatives of the pictures developed.

But I must say that the Tower of David is impressive, just simply awesome sight to look at. Magnificent! The entrance is not free - 30 Shekels - but it is worth every single agorot.

In this tour of Jerusalem, we also went to the Via Doloroso, the route that Jesus took during his Way of the Cross. I do not know that is in our itinerary today - but I know the Wailing Wall is included in our tour.

Got to go now. By the way, I have to mention that it is Holy Wednesday Today. A Blessed Day to everyone.

And greetings of Pesach (Passover) to my Jewish brothers too.


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