Rainy Easter Morning in Tel Aviv

It is raining quite heavily outside as I pound on my computer keyboard. So, that's why it was a windy, dark-sky day yesterday. I should have known it was a harbinger of sorts.

Well, I'll just have to continue with my post - there is no use retrieving the supposedly-dry-since-yesterday-but-now-dripping-wet-with-rainwater clothes still hanging outside the balcony.

Hey, this is my first Easter in Israel. Is it gonna be a wet Easter Sunday here in Tel Aviv? Hope not. Some friends are coming by to pick me up this morning and attend the Easter Mass at St. Peter's Church here at Jaffa. Then maybe we will be off to the beach afterwards.

Well, nothing's going to dampen my spirits.

Raining or not, I intend to celebrate this day of Christ's Risening as gloriously as possible.


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