Sandy Dreams of Israel

Remember Sandy? She’s my wacky friend who wishes to go here, travel to Israel, tour around the nice places – and she is not willing to spend for it.

We have not spoken for quite some time now – and I am quite getting impatient for not receiving any calls from home so I thought it’s my turn to call now. I need to hear some fresh news you know – about what’s been happening to my circle. If my sister is the main source of information and the line of communication to my family, Sandy is who I can say the official link to my friends.

So again we got to talk last night, and this time she sounded like she’s more interested now to travel to Israel.

More or less this is how our conversation went:

- So are you willing now to pay for your plane ticket? You must know there are cheap tickets to Tel Aviv.

Oh, I was hoping you’d pay for it – as a gift.

- A gift? Is it your birthday? Is it Christmas? Do you really think of me as someone who would give away plane fares as presents? You should know.

You’re rich now. I know you can afford it. Come on, why don’t you share your blessings? Good karma will surely go your way my dear.

What the…she actually thinks I am earning a great deal here. No use arguing –she will believe what she wants to.

- Hey, didn’t I tell you before that I will let you borrow around half of the ticket, and you would have to take care of the rest? I am still willing – so long as you promise to pay later. Don’t you think I am already being generous by this gesture? I am sure good karma is just around the corner.

Ok, I have thought about it – maybe December, I really want to go there. Just remember, you pay

- It’s a loan.

Yeah, fine. Take me to Jericho as soon as I get there.

- No, no. Jericho’s not even Israeli territory. We’ll visit Jericho later. I will be your official guide and an unpaid one, so I get to decide where to go. The farthest we can go for your first trip will be the HaCarmel Market...that's right, just like what happened to me then. Seriously, maybe a tour around Jerusalem will be great. I just hope you will be as fascinated about everything in Jerusalem as I am. I know you will be. So, see you before the year ends?

I changed my mind. Maybe January or February next year. Bye.

End of a serious conversation. (A serious conversation, for me it was. I am just a litte unsure about Sandy.)


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