Hot Day in Tel Aviv

Is the weather still cool in Jerusalem?

For here in Tel Aviv – I thought it is beginning to get hot. And boy was it really hot yesterday.

After lunch, I went to Allenby after a short stop at the embassy, and the bus that I took, despite the running aircon, was literally like a lit oven. Okay, a little exaggeration. Still it was hot. Enough for me to really sweat profusely.

Just when I was planning for another visit to Jerusalem. (I miss the Old City.) I am thinking Jerusalem’s heat might be more intense than that of Tel Aviv’s.

And the summer season has not even started yet. Wait till July comes – I was told. That would be like when, even if I just sit and do nothing – you would still sweat buckets. It will be just difficult to relax. Hard to “keep cool” so to speak.

On the other hand, Israelis seems to love this weather. I noticed that more and more Israelis have been hitting the Tel Aviv beach for so many weeks now. Most go to swim. Others are just on the beach playing ball or tanning themselves. And there are so many surf enthusiasts here – I guess Tel Aviv beach has nice waves to offer.

There are also some restaurants and cafes sporadically located along the stretch of Tel Aviv’s coastline – starting from the Jaffa side going to the far northern end where many 5-star hotels are also situated. These cafes are excellent hang-outs for those who just want to have some drinks, be on the sideline and enjoy watching all the beach happenings from afar.

One can see how the weather affects the nature and activities of people. For most people here in Israel – summer is a great time for fun, and celebration. I will try to enjoy it as much as I could. Why not? I will go to the beach and watch people bask in the sun. While I enjoy an ice-cold cola – under a cool shade.


Barbara said…
I would guess that Jerusalem is always cooler than Tel Aviv because it is at a higher altitude.
Ernest-jr said…
definitely right barbara!

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