Jaffa and Hayarkon: Picture Perfect Places

50 minutes is all I need to bike my way from Jaffa Port to Hayarkon Park.

I have mentioned before that Jaffa Port is a favorite area – if only because of its ancient and historical appeal to me. Jaffa Port has proven its importance to Israel since ancient times, all the more when the road to Jerusalem from the City of Jaffa was opened.

Jaffa Port is a great place to circle around with my bike. Actually for me it is an ideal biking place. Virtually no cars pass around the area. But then, the port likewise serves another purpose – as a starting point. Often I’d get to coax my feet to pedal more – biking up to the Bnei Dan (Tel Aviv area) where our embassy is located. (Don't know if I can force them to pedal much further...and farther - to Jerusalem.)

Just in front of the embassy is the Hayarkon Park - a major park in Tel Aviv where many recreational and sports activities happen.

If you like to go and ride down the Yarkon River, the Park rents boats. I believe there are regular schedules of boat races there (I chanced upon one race – exciting!).

If you and your friends like to engage in football, baseball, basketball, or tennis – the park has the courts and facilities for each of these sports. Thad, our vice consul, and wife Hilda are frequent players in the park’s tennis court. How I regret not having brought my Wilson racquet – I could have flex some muscles with my tennis skills (What tennis skills? Honestly? They are wanting.)

Jaffa Port (for me) and Hayarkon Park – two ideal recreational places in Israel.


Rainbow River said…
Ah, Filipinim are known to be avid tennis aficionados, besides our proclivity to Golf, Boxing, Billiards, Bowling, Mahjong, Ballroom Dancing... all legitimate sports IMO=)
Rainbow River said…
btw, I think Ha'Filipinim should be the global forerunner and move its embassy to Yerushalayim: that would be so bold and frankly, a Filipino thing to do based on past, nail-biting exploits in support of Israel...

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