Jaffa Israel's Pishpeshim

The coming hot days in Israel are most definitely welcome to the sellers of Pishpeshim (flea market) in Jaffa.

The market activities – and all the hustle and bustle (haggling especially) – happen on open air. So a rainy day automatically means zero business – with vendors packing up their wares. But now that chances of rain is nil for the next several months – I am sure the vendors are gearing up for brisk business.

Ordinary days typically see a lively traffic of buyers and onlookers – but the most awaited day for Pishpeshim vendors is Friday. This is when the volume of people going there is at its heaviest.

Local government authorities recognize Pishpeshim as Jaffa’s contribution to Israel’s tourism landmarks. Streets leading to the flea market have undergone major improvement and reconstruction. I also noticed the regular presence of designated officers providing coordination and order among the vendors.

Hopefully, the authorities this early would decide in providing roofings to even just a small part of the area – to serve as protection and shelter to the sellers’ wares during the rainy season.

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Barbara said…
So what treasures did you buy?
Ernest-jr said…
A bicycle head gear for 10 nis, and a couple of jeans at 20 shekels each! And a can opener too (2 shekels)..LOL..

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