Jaffa's Clock Tower

One of the more prominent landmark in Jaffa, Israel - the structure that you just can't miss - is the Clock Tower.

Today the area surrounding the tower seems to be in a perpetual process of renovation. Streets and sidewalks are being repaired and a roundabout in front of the tower is in its final stage of construction.

Passing by the tower, you get to the stretch of popular eateries like the bread shop and sharwarma restaurants which are swarmed by hungry tourists most hours of the day.

Going further down the street, you'll get to the Jaffa Port, where I regularly spend time watching boats cruising by or just simply enjoying the cool Mediterranean sea breeze.

Built during the turn of the 20th century by the Ottoman Turks, Clock Tower remains one of the more popular tourist destination, not only in Jaffa but perhaps in all of Israel. One's travel to Israel is never complete without a visit to Jaffa's Clock Tower. Definitely it is one place in Jaffa one should remember to visit when he decides to tour Tel Aviv.

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Barbara said…
This makes me want to be in Israel...
Ernest-jr said…
I know barbara. Would you say 'you left your heart in Israel?'

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