Jerusalem Israel: Moslem Quarter - Few More Pics

The picture above shows a Moslem Store selling a variety of bread products, including pita. Most Moslems apparently are engaged in selling - from bread, to fruits and vegetables and other foodstuff (which I believe are intended more for the locals rather than the tourists). Many of them also sell Israel shirts, posters, brass and silver items (even menorah), and inexpensive jewelries and beadworks. Most shops on this part of the Old City are almost always teeming with customers and buyers.

By 2pm we were more than halfway through our tour of the quarter when I got tired, hungry and really thirsty. So after I took the picture of the group by the bread store, I bought a plastic of pita (I think there were more than five pieces) and distributed them to everyone. And an ice-cold cola for myself.

The weather then was still not as hot as it is now - really, Jerusalem afternoons can be quite cold. So at 3pm we headed to Harav Kook Street in Central Jerusalem where sheruts going to Takana Merkazit wait for passengers.

By the way, I thought it is much easier (and cheaper) if one takes the sherut than the train when going to and from Jerusalem. But I really prefer to take the train since it has panoramic windows which afford me to enjoy picturesque sceneries. Effectively takes the boredom off the one-hour travel.

The Old City is one of the most famous landmarks in Jerusalem Israel. Hopefully before May ends, we will be back there to see other parts of the city we have not visited. And revisit places like the Holy Sepulchre Church. And again, by train.


Barbara said…
This makes me want to be in Israel -- to taste the humous and pita one more time!

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