Jerusalem Israel: Old City's Christian Quarter

Here is a picture of the souvenir store in the Christian Quarter where my friend Salome bought some Jerusalem Shirts for 15 NIS. I tried to haggle for her, arguing with the storeowner that stalls outside are selling the same shirts for a lesser price of 10 shekels. But he was adamant, insisting the shirts are of pure cotton.

It was a haggling bout for almost half an hour. In the end, I gave in. The storeowner won, his price prevailed and made a sale of 150 shekels (10 shirts).

But he was magnanimous in victory – and gave me a discount on a keychain I bought, a consolation of sorts for my futile efforts.

Other items we bought were finely crafted candle holders made of wood from the olive tree, and some Jerusalem and Israel posters.

The Old City in Jerusalem Israel embraces four areas or quarters, namely the Christian Quarter, the Moslem Quarter, the Jewish Quarter and the Armenian Quarter (the smallest quarter).

The Christian Quarter is where you will be able to find churches and monasteries, patriarchates, clinics, souvenir shops, even schools. You would find that these religious establishments and institutions gather around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is the most dominating landmark in the Quarter.

Actually, the Christians started to visit and live in this part of the Old City when the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built. Since then most of the residents here are Christians, with the exception of a few Moslems.

The Old City is one of the many historic places in Jerusalem Israel that strikes me as really magnificent. There is so much to see – I thought I did not have my fill the last time we visited.

There definitely is a next time.


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