Jerusalem Israel: The Old City's Moslem Quarter

When I was still planning on going to Jerusalem Israel, I had the Old City on top of my list. First and foremost because it is one of Christianity's holiest sites - hence I consider it like a pilgrimage for me.

I also believe that it is a unique and special place. I thought that how ironic it is, albeit actually separated by areas or quarters - for people with different religions - and long-standing conflict to actually be capable of co-existing in this ancient city of Jerusalem Israel.

Judging from my few visits – I thought the Moslem Quarter is the liveliest, noisiest, most colorful area. The fact is, the Moslem Quarter claims a big part of the Old City, larger than any of the other quarters. The Moslem population in the Old City is also the largest population. And indeed, the place is really crowded with people, both tourists and locals.

Here you can find mosques of all types and shape – the most famous of which is the golden colored Dome of the Rock. One of the most holy places for the Moslem people, the Dome of the Rock is said to be standing on the ground from where Prophet Mohammad ascended to heaven.

I enjoy it much whenever a roam around this part of the City – especially at the Suq al Qattanin or the Market of the Cotton Merchants (see above photo). Here is where you can find numerous shops engaged in selling cotton clothings and other similar products. There are also many bazaars, bakeries, fruit and vegetable stalls and shops selling jewelries and metalware.


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