Life in Israel

Today is my 7th month here in Tel Aviv Israel. More or less. And in these 7 months, I have adapted myself quite easily with many things here in Israel.

Still there is the language problem. The fact that I know I can speak in English to almost everyone here is one reason why I am not pushing myself much to learning Hebrew. But I will learn the Hebrew language, somehow. Fact is, my plan is to enrol at an Ulpan hopefully before the year ends. I would love the idea of me being able to read an Israel newspaper (Hebrew edition of course). And say aloud the Israel news in Hebrew.

Finally there is no need for a map of Israel. More specifically, my Tel Aviv Israel map. My map of Israel was actually more like a geographical or physical map. So it is devoid of details like streets that would have helped me in going around Tel Aviv in my early days here. But it is quite a nice poster on my room’s wall.

You should check out my Tel Aviv map. All worn-out and tattered at its edges. It has definitely served its purpose.

Yes, I am done with maps and asking for directions. Today, I have become very familiar with the bus routes. Bus number 46 goes to Takana Merkazit. Bus number 25, 26, 8’s routes include main avenue Ivn Gverol. If I need to go to Ramat Aviv, I would have to take the No. 40 Bus. Hersliya? Bus no. 48 (But I have to go first at Carmel Bus Terminal – Bus 25).

Albeit I have yet to eat falafel or shawarma without making a mess, I have acquired a taste for these two dishes. I can eat them everyday - with lots of pickled red chili peppers. I also love bread with khumous. Simple Israel food but enough to satisfy me.

Fridays and Saturdays back home are days for more work, parties and malls. Here in Tel Aviv Israel, Friday mornings is my time for the nearby pishpeshim in Jaffa. While Friday afternoons are spent on George Hamelekh near the area of Alenby to check on inexpensive shirts. Saturdays, I go walking along the Tel Aviv Beach. I try shunning away from work on these two days. And just really enjoy the break. While Sunday back home is the usual reunion and get-together day for families and friends, here I have gotten used to treating Sunday as the start of the working week.

I am also trying to learn more about the history of Israel especially that of ancient Israel – and I thought that continuously joining Israel tours is an effective way of doing it. You learn so much facts about Israel just by joing Israel tours and excursions, especially those organized by the embassy. I really enjoy going to Jerusalem, that’s where ancient Israel really is. Learning the history of Israel, anything about it, and the Israelis’ way of living somehow help much in my process of adjustment and adaptation. And consequently make my stay here the best it can possibly be.


Barbara said…
It sounds like you are taking full advantage of this wonderful country!
Yael K said…
Wow, you've inspired me. I'm going to have to sign up for some tours to get to know my country better! :)
Rainbow River said…
My Jewish friend, Jared, is an avid map collector. On his most recent free trip to eretz, courtesy of Taglit-Birthright, he managed to get a handful of yofi maps of Israel, now decorating his dorm room walls...

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