Sambooki in Central Jerusalem

It was an hour long travel by train from the Tel Aviv Station in Namir to the new Jerusalem station located in Malha. Seemed like everyone was a bit tired from the travel so we decided on having some hot beverages upon arriving at Central Jerusalem before going to the Old City. We were checking around the area for a place to eat. I was looking for a shawarma or felapel stand. Until we chanced upon this nice restaurant called Sambooki. It offers different kinds of bread, cakes, cookies, as well as the usual Israel pastries like burekas. (I had to mention the wonderful burekas from the grocery in our apartment building in Jaffa. The dough is not too thick, very flaky, with lots of cheese for filling. Always a nice breakfast treat.)

Everyone had either hot choco or coffee. Sambooki's hot choco was thick, not too sweet - which I liked very much. Rowena, the ambassador’s secretary had her choco topped with cream. We ordered burekas (with mushroom and cheese fillings) to go with our hot beverages. The restaurant also has a salad corner which has lots of fruits, greens and dressings to choose from. After a great light snack and 30 minutes of rest, everyone seemed to have gotten energized. We then proceeded to our tour of Jerusalem’s Old City.


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