Shalom Filipinim in Israel

The Philippine Embassy in Israel scored high again with its successful April 26 launching of Shalom Filipinim, the Embassy’s trade, tourism and cultural promotion, at the Embassy’s Chancery.

Shalom Filipinim (Filipinim is the Hebrew term for Filipino) fittingly served as a kick-off event for a series of activities geared at promoting and strengthening trade and tourism relations between the Philippines and Israel.

I would estimate that at least 200 Israeli guests arrived at the reception and were given a glimpse of what the Philippines has to offer, as they were treated to a rich display of unique Philippine products, feasted over a variety of Philippine delicacies, and treated to the graceful moves of the Filipino Folk dancers.

Ambassador Antonio Modena and Trade Attaché Chester Diaz reiterated the commitment of the embassy as well as the Filipino community in pursuing a more aggressive and ambitious promotion of the Philippines as an ideal destination for Israeli tourists.

Overall, it was one successful event – another major team effort by the embassy and the community.

On hindsight, I realized that most of us Filipinos travel to Israel as expats or more popularly known as overseas workers and eventually double up as Israel’s perpetual tourists, taking advantage of the perk which is the opportunity to enjoy Israel’s historical and tourist sites.

Personally, I would not hesitate in suggesting that Israeli tourists try in setting their sight on visiting the Philippines as an alternative choice of destination.

Warm and friendly people (everyone speaks English), modern megacities, inviting white-sand beaches and rich diving spots, numerous world-class golf courses, and an endless list of recreational options, there is so much Israelis can discover about this country. What more can you ask?


cadillacman said…
Nice post ernestki

Rainbow River said…
Ok, so Filipinit is the singular form of Filipnim. Based on online dictionaries, Ha'Filipinim is Hebrew for The Philippines, yet I've also read Filipinim is also the plural form of Filipino Caregivers in Israel. hehe, I'm a stickler when it comes to linguistics=)

I've done my part in creating and disseminating modern myths, such as the correlation between The Philippines and Tolkien's Shire; their have been studies done comparing Hobbits to Filipinos actually:

"Filipinos are like Hobbits because they are a peace-loving, party people, who love to eat, drink, pipe-smoke, laugh, and have fiestas; who are secure in their visions, seeing well above the ordinary turn of events, giving hope to a cynical and litigious world, preferring, instead, the confines of The Shire" --- Eunice Malijan.

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