Tel Aviv Israel: Bauhaus Style Architecture

Wish I reside on a bauhaus type of apartment like this one on the photo.

When I peeped out the plane window as it approached Tel Aviv Israel, I immediately noticed that everything seemed white. It was so easily distinguishable - most buildings were box-like in form and shape. And washed with white and off-white colors. I even thought it was Jerusalem.

Later I learned about Tel Aviv's monicker as the White City (or City in White). This is because of the city's dominant bauhaus style architecture. This unique style of architecture is the reason for the inclusion of Tel Aviv in the prestigious list of World Heritage Site, along with other historical pride of Israel -the Old City of Jerusalem and Massada.

Most of Tel Aviv bauhaus buildings and structures are considered as landmarks to tourists and visitors like me. And the City Government is assisting and subsidizing owners in the restoration of their buildings, most of which have been in existence for 60 to 80 years. Many of these bauhaus buildings are private residences, while others serve as offices, stores, boutiques, galleries and museums.

In fact, bauhaus architecture is evident in cities in Israel such as Jerusalem. But the concentration of bauhaus buildings are in Tel Aviv, numbering to about 5000.

Today, Tel Aviv is acknowledged as the world's bauhaus capital.


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