Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem: Station V

This is the Franciscan Oratory in the Via Dolorosa - Jerusalem, Israel where the 5th Station of the Cross is.

By enlarging the photo, you will be able to read the latin inscription on the wall of the oratory: Simoni Cyrenato Crux Imponitur - which means "Where the Cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene."

This area is where a Libyan, Simon of Cyrene was forced by the Roman legionnaires to help carry the cross for Jesus Christ.

It is said that the Roman soldiers noticed that Jesus was getting very tired. They worried that He might not be able to continue carrying his cross up to the site of His crucifixion. So they looked around - and picked Simon among the group of onlookers to temporarily take the place of Jesus.

Via Dolorosa's Fransiscan Oratory (Station V) is one of the venerated Christian sites in Jerusalem, Israel.


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