Asian Ladies of Israel

Last week saw the meeting of the Asian Ladies, a small and informal gathering of a group of Asian women diplomats and officers, wives of diplomat, and lady workers in Israel.

The meeting is a monthly affair, with every country given its turn to host the event and also be able to showcase its unique culture. While in the past, the ladies meet at Tel Aviv, now the gathering was held at Hod Hasharon, a city located at the Central District of Israel. And because it is the Philippines' turn to be the host country, many of our caregivers attended, some coming from as far as the cities of Jerusalem and Haifa.

The highlight of the country's cultural presentation is a feature of some of the country's ethnic dances as performed by the Jerusalem dancers. Everyone was also treated to a mini fashion show on native costumes and gowns. There was also a display and sale of jewelries, mostly mother-of-pearl pieces.

The Asian Ladies, thru their regular meetings, aim to foster and strengthen solidarity among the Asian women in Israel.


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