Jerusalem's Safra Square

Sorting through some of my Jerusalem pics, I discovered that I have yet to post any of my pics of the Safra Square in West Jerusalem.

The plaza was dominantly of polished stone - - there was a stone flatform at one end of the squre. It was very spacious, which was seemingly more evident the time we were there as the area was devoid of people and only had our group loitering around. We literally had the square all for ourselves.

Within the square area, we chanced upon the Pears and Apples Restaurant. And upon inquiring if shawarma is in their menu, we learned that it was only serving Italian (pasta) dishes. Surprisingly I noticed there were more people inside Pears and Apples than the square itself.

In front of the square is the Jerusalem Municipal building, the City Hall - while a sizable part of the square is planted with tall palm trees.

The city hall, with all its magnificence in size and stature, was so quiet and projected a rather melancholic image – perhaps because the place was close as we visited on a non-working day. Nonetheless, I am sure that normal days see the building filled with the locals of Jerusalem doing personal, business or other related transactions with the city hall.


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