More Temptation Mount Pics

Posted here are some more pictures taken as the embassy group and I went up the Temptation Mountain. We were told that the cable cars that transport tourists to and from the mountain “regularly” go out of order. So I guess we were quite lucky that the cable cars were running during our visit. Otherwise, we would not be able to check on the sites in the mountain, especially the monastery – as no one would dare go up via the mountain trail.

It was a long climb up the Mountain of Temptation just to reach the monastery. Its site supposed to be the place where Jesus stayed for a period of prayer and fasting. It is also where Jesus was tempted and seduced by the devil, to no avail. From the monastery, we had a great view of the city of Jericho.

While I was at Jericho, I did feel the place proudly living up to its label of being the oldest city of the world. I appreciate it so much how the city is secure in presenting (and preserving) a laid-back and rustic image – so unlike the modern and more fast-paced cities in Israel such as Tel-Aviv and even Jerusalem.


Imshin said…
Actually, archaeologists these days claim that Jericho is not the oldest city. What was previously regarded as the ancient city walls, is now believed to have been no more than a dam to prevent the Jordan River from overflowing onto what was only a little village.

According to archaeologist Avner Goren, Jericho likes to keep up the oldest city story because it's good for tourism.

Apparently Tel Arad is a far older city. I very much recommend a visit there with a knowledgable guide.

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