Palestinian Schoolgirls in Temptation Mountain

I was pleasantly surprised with the attention we got in Temptation Mountain from the Palestinian youth, especially the young school girls.

Most trained their eyes on us - delighted, fascinated even to see the unfamiliar faces in us. While some were content in throwing glances of wonder and apparent admiration(albeit I thought we are being observed critically), others were bold enough to introduce themselves and ask for our names and where we came from. We obliged to some requests to have our pictures.

The Palestinian children are one happy lot. Most are going their normal way. This despite the continuing conflict existing between their country and Israel, making them easy target of violence and hardship. These children are seemingly oblivious to this kind of reality that embraces them (or perhaps have come to accept it).

I have to say that my brief encounter with them made me realize that the conflict between Palestine and Israel is an exigency that must be resolved as soon as possible. For the sake of the Palestinian youth, and the youth of Israel.


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