Tel Aviv's Nachalat Binyamin

Artists’ area, street mall, open-air concert area – these are some of the descriptions tagged to the Nachalat Binyamin Street in Tel-Aviv. Everyday except Tuesday and Friday, the Nachalat is like any other ordinary streets in Tel-Aviv.

But the claustrophobics be warned, avoid going on any of these two days, as the street become totally crowded with Israelis and tourists alike. Nachalat Binyamin becomes alive with stalls lining up both sides, selling all sorts of art items such as handicrafts, bottles molded and transformed into clocks, wooden blocks and puzzles, glass figurines, paintings, and musical instruments, to name some.

Just wander around the area and you will enjoy pantomime performers, Latino band, jugglers, and clown and comic acts – these are regulars at Nachalat.

It is easy to get to Nachalat – you can enter it through Allenby Street. It is also parallel to the Carmel Street. This is the reason why we do our market chores either Tuesday or Friday. We really enjoy roaming around Nachalat Binyamin - there is just so much to see.


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