Whale Fountain in Jaffa Israel

Here’s a picture of the whale fountain in Jaffa, Israel.

In the Even Shoshan area, go find the intersection one corner of which is where you will see the famous Victory Ice Cream House.

Enter the street opposite the ice cream parlor, go straight through it and you will not miss (hopefully) this gargantuan stone model of the biblical whale. (Go straight further and you will reach the Jaffa Port area.)

I call the whale Jonas, which of course is a name of whale's co-protagonist in their own biblical story.

Still I am naming the whale Jonas just the same since the prophet himself does not have his own statue anyway (here in Jaffa at least).

Is the sea setting in the story of Jonas and the whale the Mediteranean sea near Jaffa?


Barbara said…
The very same Mediterranean was the site of the Jonah story. Can you imagine a man being swallowed by a whale and then spit out in one piece on dry land?

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