Alleys, Churches, and Galleries in Jaffa - Tel Aviv Israel

A hot Thursday afternoon it is today so I decided to grab the digital cam and head for Jaffa hill to walk around and hopefully catch some cool air – and at the same time take some nice pictures to post here.

Here first is a picture of Victory Parlor at the corner of Rehovs Yefet and Louis Pasteur. A popular ice cream and refreshment parlor – will all its inexpensive ice cream available in numerous flavors, sherbet, candies and sweets - it was unusually without customers when I passed by it.

Then, I turned left at Rehov Yefet and further along it you will find Saint Anthony Church, one of the major Catholic Church in Tel Aviv Israel. In Saint Anthony, masses are celebrated on Saturday, instead of Sunday in order to accommodate the Filipino caregivers here in Israel, within Tel Aviv and even nearby cities.

After taking St. Anthony’s picture, I finally proceeded to Jaffa hill, entering it via Rehov Pasteur side. Here I had a few shots of cobbled alleys and lanes where art and antique galleries such as the Horace Richter, Meisler, Antiquarium can be found.

Another Catholic Church of Tel Aviv Israel (Jaffa Area) is the Saint Peter’s Church. The shot was not quite nice as I want it to be – should have taken it up the hill. Filipinos go to Saint Peter whenever they wish to hear Sunday masses.

I also got to take a picture of the Rameses Gateway, one of the major archeological find of Israel. The two pillars were actually just a reconstruction and built around the remaining original stones as most parts of the gateway are missing. The Rameses Gateway is said to be a passageway to a “yet undiscovered citadel.”


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