Crisis in Israel

To be honest, it scares me to see how things are developing in the last couple of days.

Just a week ago, the embassy staff were in the thick of discussions, and of problems regarding the embassy’s next project, a cultural dance show cum contest at Holon.

And just a week ago, we were at Castra Mall at Haifa where we held our trade and cultural fair.

Everything seemed to happen so fast. Suddenly we were in the midst of war.

Now the embassy people are worrying on how to give the appropriate responses to calls from our Filipino caregivers who are likewise scared of the present situation and are asking for advices on what is best to do. Others are even requesting for repatriation as soon as possible.

I have a friend who’s been staying here for 18 years – and when I sounded to her like I was really worried, she assured me that everything would be fine and that Israel has been in similar situation as before. Although she did show some concern that the enemy’s rockets are now able to easily penetrate and hit well within Israel’s territory, unlike before when the enemy’s rockets or missile weapon rarely if not never hit their target. Years have afforded them to create and acquire much more sophisticated weapons, and this – my friend says – is something to be concerned about.

Is there reason to be worried really? This is my first time here in Israel, and albeit I am aware of the country’s long history and experience of wars and conflicts – I never thought I would be in the midst of such violence and be able to witness it first hand.

Many Lebanese thought after the long, horrible internal conflict they experienced for so many years, peace is finally to stay. They realized they were proven wrong. In the news, a Lebanese mother commented in tears that it’s “like a bad nightmare starting all over.”

As for Israel, the government has gone great strides since the infamous intifada by making better its image, boosting up the economy and tourism. It would be a pity if all its efforts and achievement would just go down the drain.

Hopefully we have seen the worst of it – and that the tension between Lebanon and Israel would eventually ease up, possibly with the mediation of other countries or world organization like the UN.


cadillacman said…

If 12 plane loads of Birthright kids have arrived at Ben Gurion airport on Sunday and Monday from America on tours,then I guess there is positivity that Israel is safe....except for those areas in the North

Please tell your friends that Israel will come through this situation OK;just advise them to listen to the news and if need be know where the safe room/shelter is.

The Israelis have a saying :"Yihiye Beseder"

Best wishes to the Filipino caregivers,to Philippines and to Israel
truth4all said…
Who cares about the Israelis? They are the people who are committing genocide against the Lebanese and Gaza strip Palestinians. The Lebanese and Palestinians are the people who deserve prayers.

The Israelis are worse than the Nazis. I don't see the Gypsies who were slaughtered during World War II becoming genocidal maniacs like the Zionists have become.

God help everyone in that region. This is total insanity. God must be crying. It's shameful beyond belief.

Innocent children are being injured and killed and frightened beyond belief because the Zionists want to prove how tough they are.

Well, it's a sign of cowardice to kill innocent children - not bravery - especially when it's being done from a jet plane with bunker buster bombs paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Israel is disgusting beyond belief just as the Nazis were.
Israel acts like a abused child who beats their kids over & over.I love the People, but as an American I know how a people can be totally screwed up. We are on a rock spinning in infinity.

"today, we are all Israelis?"
Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman punctuated the day with a speech to Christians United for Israel last night, declaring that "today, we are all Israelis."
So, when are you moving to Israel, Ken?
Because what America needs are politicians who are American first, second, and third.
You wanna be an Israeli, go ahead. Have fun. Send postcards. But please do NOT decide for the rest of us that we are no longer Americans, but citizens of a nation without declared borders, without a Constitution, and without a moral conscience.
Rainbow River said…
Oy vey...

2 of the 3 responses reek of anti-Semitism. I'd say that's about the percentage of the fallout prophecied in Revelation.

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