Israel's Best Friends

In the June 29th edition of the Jerusalem Post was an article by Greer Fay Cashman entitled “Palau: Israel’s Best Friend at the UN.”

The first paragraph of the article says: If you thought that Micronesia was Israel’s best friend at the United Nations – guess again. The country that most consistently votes with and for Israel is Palau.

If U.N. votes favoring Israel is to be talked about, it is worth noting that the Philippines has its own share – a memorable and even important at that.

In 1947, in an attempt to resolve the conflict between the Jews and Israel, the United Nations required its member-countries to vote either for or against the Partition Plan, which was directed toward the creation of Arab and Jewish States.

With the UN General Assembly in Session for the Voting of the said Partition Plan on November 29th, “the Philippines, among the 33 countries, was the only Asian country to support the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine.” (Quoted from the Website of the Embassy of Israel in Manila)

If only for this, I would say the Philippines was Israel’s “Palau” during the United Nations 1947.


Omni said…
Hello from the United States!! :-)

Rainbow River said…
Israel's true chaverim will come to light in the last days (and not the shams who covertly seek her destruction).

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