Life Goes On In Israel

I just came from Allenby Street in Tel Aviv, checked on some stores and bought two white shirts. Then I proceeded to Tachana Merkazit for some chocolates. Most chocolates at the market are inexpensive. The chocolates I bought - I got them at 10 pieces/bar for only 10 shekels.

By the way, Allenby still teems with people. And on my way home to Jaffa, as the bus passed by the Tel Aviv beach in front of the most famous hotels in the city such Hilton, Sheraton and Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, the stretch is still full of people. Most are enjoying a nice swim under the hot sun. Others are having fun playing various beach and ball games.

While I feel that Israel is in the brink of plunging into a serious war situation, I see that its people (especially Tel Aviv residents) seem to possess and display a devil-may-care attitude. Everybody is unmindful, despite the warning of the Israeli government of a possible rocket attacks on Tel Aviv.

Maybe the people of Israel have a fatalistic attitude. Life goes on, they may reason out. Or it can be that Israelis have experienced and gone through so much and the present situation is just another of those experiences - they just gotten so much used to it, there's no use reacting negatively.

Well, I don't think things are the same at Haifa, where the residents are always on alert to take cover and run to the nearest bomb shelter in case loud sirens are heard signaling impending rocket attacks.

It has been a week now. Hopefully, Israel's offensive military operation on Lebanon's Hezbollah has reached its peak and attained its objectives. And hopefully too, this country can restore peace, and the Israeli people can enjoy the peace of mind that they have been enjoying in recent years.


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