More Thoughts on the Present Situation in Israel

Hard as it is, I try not to dwell on the current situation here in Israel. And as I have been doing for the last couple of days now, I think it is much better that I am spending less time monitoring the CNN news. Know less, less worries – so to speak.

CNN by the way seems kind of biased and very much willing to present an image of Lebanon that would make the world sympathetic more to it.

Sympathy I do have for the Lebanese – my heart goes out especially to the Lebanese children and innocents. Still, the Hezbollah and the Lebanese Government’s tolerance of the group brought it upon their country all the misfortunes it is now experiencing as Israel is simply like very much provoked soul that has no recourse but to act accordingly.

On the other hand, should Israel continue on going after and disabling the Hezbollah, its military must be totally responsible in carrying out its offensive actions, and make sure their rockets and weapons do not further harm and cause deaths to civilian lives.

But in my opinion, Israel has done enough – I believe the next course of action should be a ceasefire to stop further damage on both countries.

Minorities on the Crossfire

Greatly affected by the conflict are the Filipino caregivers in Lebanon – and for some of them, the only option is to leave their Lebanese employers because of the potential risk to their lives. Still, most decided to hang on and join their employers during the series of evacuations to safe places. But there were also cases wherein caregivers decided to be repatriated but were not allowed by their employers. The employers instead would confiscate the caregivers’ passports to make it difficult for them to leave.

It is becoming apparent that our caregivers in Lebanon, who are teachers, nurses and professionals in Manila but were displaced and forced to leave the country because of economic hardship, are in the brink of moving again and giving up their jobs in Lebanon, this time because of the war.

Their counterparts in Israel are luckier as the situation is much better and safer. Albeit it should be noted that many of the Filipino caregivers have their work at Haifa. We can only hope for the best and pray for their safety. Of course not only for them but all of us staying here in Israel.


Barbara said…
i agree with you that the news coverage is biased. Many people lose sight of the fact that it was Hezbollah that started this recent round of violence by kidnapping 2 Israeli soldiers. I think the ordinary people on both sides are more than ready for the bombing to stop.
Rainbow River said…
I avoid mainstream networks such as CNN like the bird flu. I get a majority of breaking news from Pro-Israeli sources/pundits...

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