Pilipino Dance Festival - Holon Israel

The show must go on – or so they say. Despite the difficult, complicated situation now in Israel, our embassy still decided to push though with the cultural show called “Sayaw in Israel: Festival of Philippine Dances.”

The affair happened at the Steinberg Theater at Holon, a city of west Israel last Saturday, 29th of July, 2006. It was quite near Jafo–Tel Aviv, making it really convenient for us because of the proximity.

Overall, it was again a very successful project by the embassy together with the Filipino community here.

Because of the good number of nice pictures I have taken of the event, I might try posting most of them here – which would mean two or three posts of nothing but great, colorful pictures of our folk and traditional dances.

This batch of pictures show the Cordillera dances, or the dances of the mountain people. Their dances are dances of joy, recreation, for good luck or bountiful harvest.

Names and brief descriptions of the dances are already captioned within some of the pictures.


Rainbow River said…
My absolute favorite Filipino folk dance is the "redeemed" southern Singkil... My engaged sister is planning to book Likha Dance Co. to perform the dance @ her betrothal. The courtship dance is so mysterious!
Rainbow River said…
"After this, he brought me to the gate, the gate facing The East. There I saw the glory of the G-d of Israel rivered from the way of The East. His voice was like the sound of roaring floodwaters, and the earth shined with His glory" (Yekhezkel 43:1-2; 37:19). "Tell them that Adonai ELOHIYM says this: 'I will take the stick of Yosef, which is in the hand of Efrayim, together with the tribes of Israel who are joined with him, and put them together with the stick of Y'hudah and make them a single stick, so that they become one in My Hand'" (Yekhezkel 37:19): Sha'ar Ha'Rakhamim

The Warrior Bride and Bridegroom (Revelation 19:5-16)

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