Readying Up a Bomb Shelter

So how are things developing between Israel and Lebanon (or is it Israel against Lebanon?) I have been sparingly watching TV news for two days now – deliberately trying to shun from it. Not watching CNN and BBC gives one somewhat a false impression of peace and normalcy of life in Israel.

Despite UN’s plea for a ceasefire, Israel is still on the offensive, seemingly bent on ensuring the complete defeat of the Hezbollah. I just hope that Israel could be a more careful in identifying its target – the Hezbollah terrorist group is the enemy and not the innocent Lebanese civilians, especially the children.

Still, I had myself busy yesterday trying to make our bomb shelter here in the apartment “war-ready” – which by the way I do not have the slightest idea on how to go about doing it.

I was an instant one-man task force assigned to make a 12 square meter (approximately) bomb shelter into a more “war-ready” state. First, I begun disassembling and taking down an extra cabinet for more space, stacking 2 boxes of Ein Gedi mineral water, some 2-liter bottles of Royal Crown cola, several cans of Philippine sardines, tuna, chili con carne, chips, 1 can of crackers (also from Manila). Can we survive with this list of food items or should I need to add more?

I also made sure I stored in flashlights, candles, lighters, a pocket radio, a battery-powered fan as well as my passport and other identification and travel documents ( my employer’s documents and valuables has always been inside the shelter).

Would there really be a need for the bomb shelter? I hope not. By the way, I do not remember hearing sounds from helicopters yesterday. Even this morning is quiet and the skies are clear – unlike the days before when there were regular sightings of them on Jaffa and Tel-Aviv skies. I would like to think this is a good sign that everything is on the wane, hopefully. Then we do not have to hole ourselves up in a cramped 12 square-meter or so bomb shelter.


vonderjohn said…
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vonderjohn said…
Hello..from Lebanon.

I can hear the sound of the warplane right above my head...and I know it's going to hit at any moment..but I insist on posting a comment here.

It's interesting to know about your day-to-day stories. Trust me it's hell here in Lebanon, mixed with blood and hour-by-hour tragedies..besides confusion and a great deal of uncertainty on what the future might hold.

I'm looking for Israeli internet blogs and forums through which I can talk to with Israelis on the net. I think it is highly important to communicate with Israelis in the climax of this conflict. I hope you can guide me through that.

Big thanks.

Be safe


vonderjohn said…
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Barbara said…
I hope you are safe and remain so. I have such mixed feelings about this unfortunate conflict. My heart grieves for the victims on both sides. I understand Israel's wish to rid Hezbollah of the capability of launching rockets at its cities, but there seems to be no quick diplomatic solution. Instead innocent people continue to become victims and both countries are being terrorized.
vonderjohn said…
Well...Hezbollah will neither be destroyed nor will it be unable to fire rockets into northern Israel. The targets Israel has set will not be met, and who's actually paying for the whole war? Innocent civilians on both sides. Civilians will continue to die, and neither Hezbollah nor the IDF will stop attacks.
. . . Wood'ja (?) buih-leave! . . .

I almost feel sorry for the fools, bent on destroying Israel. If only they knew what they're going up against. In the post titled ". . . more 'italian' than you realize . . .", I expound on the chief reason for that emotional "near miss".

Anyway, the text for the hyperlink to that post is just below . . .

If this comment intrigues you, consider bringing up that page.


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