Dance Festival, Holon Israel: Last Batch of Pics

Here’s the last batch of the pictures from the Filipino dance festival at the Steinberg Cultural Center last Saturday in Holon, Israel.

The pictures show some scenes typical of a Pilipino wedding dance. After the wedding ceremonies church, the bridge and groom and all the relatives and guest go to the reception area, which is usually the backyard of the groom’s house.

The couple is initially seated and listens to the words from well-wishers.

Then they begin to dance – and as they do, sponsors and relatives start to pin money on the Filipiniana gown of the bride and Barong Tagalog (our national costume for men).

Instead of putting gift money on envelope, we more adhere to this tradition of pinning money on the clothes because it will help the couple attract more money and financial success in their lives.

A bit of note: With all things and current circumstances and situation here in Israel seriously considered, the Philippine embassy decided to still go through with the event if only to help lighten up the mood of some of our caregiver compatriots who are affected by the present situation. We were happy to know a few from Haifa came to watch the show. They said the show was a nice relief, albeit temporary, from the constant worrying because of their continued stay in Haifa.

Some have the means and are tempted to go and transfer to Tel Aviv or other safer place in Israel but will not, if only because they are dedicated to their elderly Israeli employers, especially those who are totally dependent on their care.


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