Frank's Chicken at Nachlat Binyamin Tel Aviv

Most people who frequent Nachlat Binyamin Street must have noticed or already eaten at Frank's Chicken House.

For me I guess it is one of the best small chicken restaurants in Tel Aviv Israel. The star dish is the oven-roasted black peppered chicken with lots of potatoes.

With such glorious taste, it is either sold as whole (without potatoes at about 40 shekkels, take away) or half chicken (which is what I usually order - at 30 shekkels).

I should also commend the service, which is just as great as the food.

Whenever I eat there, I see that Frank is always in the restaurant happily serving his customers.

Seems he's 24/7 into his restaurant, but with a brisk business (according to him) there's no reason to complain. Posted by Picasa


cruise600 said…
Pictures much appreciated... be safe!

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