Fruit Carriages of Jaffa

Got this horse-drawn fruit carriage along side
street in the Pishpeshim area.

Carriages are a common sight in the streets of Jaffa Israel, normally used by locals to peddle their fruits or vegetables.

I would know when they are passing by once you hear the riders shouting in hebrew most probably the merchandise that they offer, and perhaps the prices.

Well, this I can only guess..
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Yudit Ilany said…
As in "Israeli citizens?
What do you mean?

An image of the back of a cart that happens to be owned by two guys I know. Their grandfather died about 3 months ago. Both finished highschool this year and one of the two (they are twins) is an accomplished dancer considering going professional, not a well accepted choice in the area he comes from. Great guys, good kids.
what do you mean "locals"?
Yudit Ilany said…
i forgot to mention something in my previous comment: As both young guys have not been able to find jobs (most sraeli's are somewhat reluctant about employing kids with Arab names, they took up their grandfather's fruit and vegetable stall, but instead of staying in the stand, they took it on the road

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