Great Lighting Accents

In one of our visits at the Ace Hardware
in Hayarkon, area of Tel Aviv, I chanced upon this box of solar garden lights.

I found them cheap (at NIS 100 a box - one box contains 4 lights), so despite our Jaffa Tel Aviv apartment not having a garden, I bought 2 boxes.

No garden? I have my living room to decorate with these lights which I place among the pots and ornamental plants (see picture) while the rest can be found in the balcony.

Quite nice accents they are, especially at night when the emit a soft bluish white glow, complementing my incandescent lamps. Posted by Picasa


Hey! I've got those lights on my Tel Aviv balcony too - you can see a picture of it here:

If you look at the close-up image
you will see one light in the bottom left corner of the photo (in the pot with the frangipani and the australian violets) and another in the far right of the photo (in the pot with the geraniums and jasmine).

Cool :)

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