Israel's Tel Aviv Beaches

It is a national holiday today back home, so it means no work for us Filipinos here in Israel.

I would have stayed the whole day at home, but then I thought this is good time for me to go to the beach for some pictures.

After some pleading with my boss to come along, we went out at 5 PM, took the Bus No. 25 and got off at Allenby Street to buy a new memory card for the digital camera (a bit pricey at 250 NIS) and camera bag (139 NIS) as well.

After some shawarma and cola snack, we then walked further up the end of Allenby where the Opera Tower is located. Most pictures I have taken are on the Opera, the Herbert Samuel Street in front of it, the rows of buildings along the Herbert Samuel and beach scenes. We kind of felt awkward being in the beach apparently just to take pictures and not to enjoy some swim.

Israelis enjoy the beach so much. They just love the sun, I am sure of that. These may be the reasons why the beaches of Tel Aviv Israel are very much frequented.

People seem so contented lounging in their beach beds. Sipping their colas, or even guzzling some beer straight from the can. Many go in droves as families, from the grandpas and grandmas to the tots. Others enjoy the beach in the company of friends. Indeed, beach scenes really are great shots for posting.


syl said…
I want to thank you for sharing. I've yet to make my first aliyah to Israel and never realized what a beautiful city Tel Aviv is. I wish more people would share this way, it's so heartful.

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