Jaffa Israel by Night Part 1

The hot weather seemed to be coercing me to go out even at 10PM in the evening. It was really quite a humid Saturday night I thought I best to go out for some cool evening air – and take some photos. With the digital camera on hand, I decided to walk as far as the roundabout in front of the clock tower.

This roundabout has been undergoing construction since early last year, and I do not think the Jaffa or Israel authorities are done with it. Well, I can see that it is almost done – just need some more polishing touches, and it still lacks plants that can definitely liven it up.

By the way, the pictures of the rounabout and the clocktower where taken while I was at the side of Dr. Lek’s Ice Cream House (which I also have a picture posted here). Dr. Lek’s is a much better tasting ice cream than Victory – in my opinion. I believe more people go to Victory if only because it is more strategically located, being at the corner of Yefet and Louis Pasteur, an area with somewhat heavy people traffic.

The area was alive with many still open (many for 24 hours) food and convenience stores, all with their colorful neon signs that seemingly make them more attractive to customers. A landmark store is the Abulafia, the most popular bread shop this side of Israel and one of the oldest food store. Even at night, the Abulafia staff is busy serving the numerous customers eager to buy their favorite treat – pita, bagel, sweet bread and other food products. My favorite buy at Abulafia is their Middle East style pizza, which at 10 shekkels is an inexpensive but really delightful treat for me.


Yudit Ilany said…
The victory Icecream parlor is NOT located where you claim, but rather at the corner of Yefet street and Yehuda MeRaguza street, a little more to the south, next to Anton's makolet and "Jaffa Books and Coffee. Another really good icecream place is ofcourse, as any Jaffaite knows, "Andre' located at 142 Yefetstreet. And "Cozo on Jerusalem Boulevard shouldn't be forgotten either.

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