Jaffa Israel: Elza Bar in Pishpeshim

Another picture I took at the Flea Market, Jaffa

This is Elza Bar, a small sort of cafe - mainly offers coffee and juice.

It is located in the best spot of Pishpeshim - right in the middle of the Flea Market.

So, once you had your fill of great buys, you can make a stop at Elza Bar for some rest and refreshments. Posted by Picasa


Yudit Ilany said…
living in Jaffa & loving the place, i'm always happy to find a link to a site mentioning the place. Abnd so often i become , once more, desillusioned.
Most people never see Jaffa beyond the tourist spots, the Disneyland-like faky kitsch old city, once "the Bride of "Palestine, the slowly dying fishermen's harbor and the fleamarket, or as you call it (shuk ha) Pishpeshim.
Yes both places are lovely, but Jaffa is so much more than that, so much more complex, interesting and fabulous.
Somehow, one more article pointing out a touristy (where we from Jaffa won't bother to sit, it serves the zafoniim, those tourists from Tel Aviv and beyond) spots, (some shopping and that's all there is to it) makes me so very sad.
Yet Jaffa is much more, from the Jaffa beach ("Givat Aliya" or "Gabaliya" beach as it was known before 1948), the Ajami neighborhood, Lev Yafo, Yafo daled and Gimmel and i could go on.
Ofcourse i could mention the "Har HaZevel", which is now turned into a park and many exciting community projects, the wall paintings made by kids from all over Jaffa etc.
the Arab Hebrew theatre, the Arab Jewish community center, Jaffa's lovely bauhaus buildings (no not all have been revamped as yet, for some you have to look beyond the later asbestos roofed additions. Even the "pardes" (Abu Seif) is interesting, the sculture garden next to Abu ElNabut's sabil (drinking place), the many churches each with their very specific communities, there is so much more than , once more, the fleamarket...
Imshin said…
Oh yes, let's tell of the other side of Yaffo, shall we? About the shoot outs in the streets in the middle of the day, about the frequency of bags being snatched from old ladies (and young ones too) on Shderot Yerushalayim, about children running drugs (out of the Abu Seiff family's 'interesting' pardess among other places)...

If there is anything annoying about Yaffo, it's the snooty artsy fartsy crowd thinking they actually belong in Yaffo, or know what's really going on there, just because they've bought out old Arab families and revamped their homes.

Nothing wrong with the touristy spots - they bring in money, they help combat crime. Keep up the good work, Ernest-jr.
Imshin said…
Sorry, Ernest. I lost it a bit there. I really love your blog.
Abed Natour said…
your comment , Imshin, seems weird, to say the least as well as quite violent and presuming things.

No i never bought an old Arab house, as 1. i am too poor to buy a house, even a shikun and,
2. i would never buy a house stolen from its original owners, Jaffa's Palestinians

Artsy fartsy? Yeah i guess there are people like that and usually they do not travel beyond the fleamarket and the old city, perhaps Rabbi Hanina street and that area, not to mention "Andromeda" and the likes of that bourgeois compound and think they know the "authentic Jaffa".

i live in a rather slummy area, much to the south, where i happen to work as well. I also like it, very much, there are many good sides to Jaffa.

And yes, there is a very high crime rate. A lot of it is drugs related, and well, Jaffa's drug problems have a lot to do with the ongoing discrimination against its poorer populations, bad schools, dropping out, violence, no chance of finding a job, extreme poverty, loss of self esteem and all that.

I doubt if you know Jaffa at all, so don't judge the people who truly care about the place, live there and do a lot to improve it

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