Friday Habit: Frank's Chicken at Tel Aviv

Seems we have permanently scheduled our Friday lunch at Frank's Chicken House in Allenby Tel Aviv. We just can not get enough of Frank's roasted chicken, that's why. See pics serving as proof of the chicken's goodness. One of Tel Aviv Israel's best fast food chicken, in my opinion that is.

By the way, Friday afternoon saw us enjoying too much roaming around Allenby and Dizengoff area that we got unmindful of the time. We realized too late that it was past five and way past our chance to go home via autobus (since it was already Shabbat.)

We then proceeded to Ramban Street at Tsismoso's Store (Tsismoso is an Israeli who has many Filipinos as customers. He has a store at Ramban selling phone cards, cell cards, cellphones) to rest and have some cola.. and contemplate on how to go home - whether by cab or just walk to Jaffa.

We decided on saving our time, energy and the soles of our shoes - and took the taxi.


Israel-Chinese said…
hey, nice to meet you. quite like your blog and story. when i read it, I just feel as if you were a friend of me that is far away. Due to your nationality, you make me think of my life in Singapore. your life in Israel makes me eager to fly there asap.
I will be there in Oct.
my email is
Rainbow River said…
Tsismoso's Store: I must hit up this place the next time I travel to Israel!

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