Pictures on HaCarmel Market, Tel Aviv Israel

Several times I have either mentioned in my posts or written as the main topic the HaCarmel Market here in Tel Aviv Israel. Finally, this time I get to post some really nice pictures on the market, which is one of the city’s largest, most complete, and probably the liveliest and noisiest. From fresh fruits and vegetables, fine beef and poultry meat, fish, spices, breads, inexpensive clothes, house and kitchen wares, silver items, cosmetics and even CDs and DVDs – everything can be found here at HaCarmel (the Hebrew term by the way is Shuk HaCarmel).

I would say most items, especially the food, fruits and vegetables, are cheaper in the market than when you would buy them at the convenience store or supermarket.

And if you are one who likes the crowds, does not mind the throngs of market goers and the enjoys hustle-and-bustle element of the market place, then Friday is the best day to go there, albeit any day is actually a busy day.

Just remember that the market closes on late afternoon of Friday and does not open until Sunday.


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