A Second Trip to the Dead Sea

Back to the Dead Sea for the second time! And this time, it’s much more fun as more people from the embassy and the Filipino community in Israel joined the trip last Sunday. We actually were able to use two buses to their full capacity.

Along the trip, we had several stopovers – one was at the spot where we had a magnificent view of the City of Jerusalem. Seeing the Dome of the Rock again really made me want to plan another visit to Jerusalem. We also stopped at a place which had awesome desert or dune like features. There was a camel for hire to anyone wishing for a camel ride experience. AT 10 shekels for 10 or so meters of ride is definitely a price too steep, so I had to pass on the chance.

Finally we arrived at the Dead Sea before lunch. While others immediately rushed to have some swim (or floating?) at the sea, I joined the rest who stayed to prepare the food. And lots of food indeed, mostly grilled fish and chicken.

After lunch, I proceeded to have some swim. I thought that the water is somewhat oily, something that I did not notice the first time I swam there. Or is it because I applied some sunscreen lotion for protection?

A friend noted that the land on the other side of the sea is Jordan, and I immediately realized its proximity to Israel. I then actually pondered at the thought of trying to go to Jordan by swimming across the Dead Sea. Which is a total impossibility for I would not dare try to venture and float farther than just a few meters from the sea bank.


Barbara said…
Your pictures make me want to be there again -- to float in that amazing body of water.

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