Outreach at Jerusalem

It was definitely not a smooth trip we had last week going to Jerusalem, where the RP embassy people held an outreach consular and welfare service for the Pinoys (Filipinos) working in the area (mostly as caregivers). We had to stop several times because of repeated overheating of the car radiator. Finally the embassy van broke, barely halfway going to our destination. We had no choice but to have the car towed back to Tel Aviv, while we took the sherut instead. Supposedly the people were expecting the group to be there as early as 9 Am - it was almost lunch time when we arrived at the Convent of the Sisters of the Rosary in Jerusalem. Late and all, we were still welcomed enthusiastically.

The embassy group stayed for four hours rendering the usual services. The Pinoys in Jerusalem were simply happy and thankful about the visit, as there is no need now to travel to Tel Aviv just to have their passports renewed or claim their welfare cards.


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