Cold, Rainy Israel

Frequent rains. Chilly winds. Longer nights. Is it fall or already winter here in Israel?
Whatever it is, the fact remains that this year’s summer is done. Summer has come and gone and my plan to enjoy the Tel Aviv beach just stayed that way – a plan. (Perhaps I can make it a major resolution for next year’s summer).

Nonetheless, the cold weather is a welcome treat. Winter is simply conducive to a lot of things, especially work and engaging in physical activities, at least in my case. The fact is, I am looking forward to my long walks of the beach from Jaffa to the Sheraton Hotel beach side.

The only downside is the rain. Rains in Israel are often mild, even just drizzles. And albeit I have experienced several heavy rains here in Jaffa last year, they are nothing compared to the typhoon rains of Manila. A typhoon is a cyclone that affects countries found in the Pacific Ocean area, where the Philippines is found. It usually comes with really strong winds and rains, and can be very destructive when it hits an area. Properties are destroyed, sometimes even lives.

Israel is blessed with much kinder, more subtle seasons. Even its winter, which I like best, is generally benign. Winter means going back to Bethlehem for the 3 hour midnight Mass on December 25. And hopefully, it would also mean revisiting the snow-capped Mount Hermon.


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Barbara said…
I can see you're still busily exploring Israel. Even in the rain, I'm sure there's plenty to see!

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