Finally, the Joy of Parenthood for Matt and Weng

If RP embassy couple Weng and Matt had their way, they would have wanted baby girl Christelle delivered at a Jerusalem hospital.

But the carefully ironed-out plan got spoiled by the premature rupture of the mother’s amniotic membranes (more popularly termed “the breaking of water”) in the afternoon of November 14 (Tuesday), and Weng had to be rushed at the Laniado Hospital, a strictly Jewish hospital at Netanya, a city south of Haifa and north of Tel Aviv Israel. It seems that Laniado observes Jewish laws to the letter that even the KFC chicken (obviously not Kosher) that the embassy people bought for the new parents were not allowed to be brought in.

Parenthood is one of the most challenging, sometimes frustrating but overall rewarding phase or aspect of a person’s life. After so many years of trying, they have finally come to this stage. And I am sure both of them are only too willing to take the plunge.

Congratulations to Weng and Matt for having a wonderful, healthy girl in Christelle!


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