Yarkon Park Tel Aviv's "Yarkon Mini Zoo"

Good thing I decided to check out Yarkon Park Tel Aviv and walk up further to the Kosovsky side (the Embassy is in front of Yarkon Park, Bnei Dan side), otherwise I would not have known that there is a nice mini zoo in that part of Yarkon. I asked around for the name of the Park but no one can tell. There is a Zoo information board (picture is posted here) but everything on it was in Hebrew. I am sure the zoo’s name is indicated there. Anyone please check it out. In the meantime, I am naming it the Yarkon Mini Zoo until someone hopefully can give me its real name. What animals do they have as residents? Deers, antelopes(?), some ducks, pigeons I think and other fowls.


cadillacman said…
TA in focus site has some info on the "Tzapari" zoo in the Hayarkon Park :


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