Shepherd's Field, Bethlehem

Figurines of the Holy Family and Three Magi

Excavations within the Shepherd's Field Area
Magnificent view from Shepherds' Field site
Franciscan Shepherd's Field Chapel resembling a shepherd's tent
The Shepherd's Field is our last stop before we finally headed for Tel Aviv, Israel. The Shepherd's Field is said to be the site where the angel appeared and announced to the shepherds of Jesus' birth. It was here where the Shepherds gathered and kept watch the night Jesus Christ was born.


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cadillacman said…
Ernest,ABS reports that Philippine Ambassador to Israel Antonio Modena on Saturday afternoon passed away after a bout with cancer around 1 p.m. at The Medical City in Pasig City.Last year, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai awarded him a "Certificate of Honor" in recognition of his efforts that brought overseas Filipino workers and Israelis closer together through the spirit of volunteerism.

My sincere condolences to all....
Ernest-jr said…
Yes, it indeed is very sad that someone as great not only as an ambassador but more so as a person has left us. We will surely miss Ambassador Modena.

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