Farewell to our Great Ambassador

My friend here in Israel is wondering why I have not blogged about the passing away of the Philippine Ambassador Antonio Modena two weeks ago.

I told him I have not been posting in my blog for weeks now and so I just can’t get myself to finally come back to posting with a theme as sad as this one.

Ambassador Modena was a tremendously effective leader, and a charismatic one at that. He is a political champion for the rights of the Filipino workers here in Israel. In fact, his actions were emulated by many other ambassadors in fighting for their own workers’ rights. Indeed, he was able to raise the problem of the violations on the Filipino workers’ rights as a major issue, which was consequently addressed by the Israeli government.

His pet project, which is the Philippine Monument at Rishon LeZion, symbolizes our country’s assistance to the Jews in escaping the Nazi’s terrorism by receiving many of them who sought refuge in the Philippines in 1939. It is so unfortunate that Ambassador Modena will not be around anymore to witness the unveiling of the monument this coming November 2007.

Ambassador Modena’s rich legacy will stay much long after his death, what with all the achievements that primarily benefited the Filipino workers in Israel.

I am writing this as a humble tribute to a great man, the hero of the Filipino workers in Israel. He will be greatly missed.

To this little big man, we bid not goodbye but God bless.


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